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KS Seaport to expand their fleet offering complete solutions for clients

Mr.Krit Seetong-on, CEO of KS Seaport Co., Ltd and Seamoor Marine and Engineering Co., Ltd., disclosed that our 5-year vision and business development plan is to level up the business to be able to support full services for product transportation, including the marine logistics. The company plans to own oil tankers, especially middle-size tankers, in […]

KS Seaport Invests 200 MB to Expand Fleet and Enter Asian Market

Mr.Krit Seetong-on, the Chief Executive Officer of KS Seasport Co., Ltd., a full service provider for marine logistics, discloses that the company has cooperated with marine transportation and offshore business experts to establish KS Seaport Co., Ltd. in Songkhla to provide a full range of services for marine logistics, focusing upstream petroleum production. Further, offshore […]