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KS Seaport Invests 200 MB to Expand Fleet and Enter Asian Market

KS Seaport expands their fleet serving domestic oil transportation by investing 200 million baht with a 5-year plan to grow into the Asian international market

Mr.Krit Seetong-on, the Chief Executive Officer of KS Seasport Co., Ltd., a full service provider for marine logistics, discloses that the company has cooperated with marine transportation and offshore business experts to establish KS Seaport Co., Ltd. in Songkhla to provide a full range of services for marine logistics, focusing upstream petroleum production. Further, offshore exploration and production of petroleum in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea, and also the downstream transportation are under the company’s services.

“The in-out flows of people, ships, and products among services to ports in Songkhla, Ranong and Chuk Samet port, Sattahip are managed and controlled by us. But in the long term 5 years, we will expand our business and level up our service quality. These are to support our client with additional services, especially for the exploration and transportation of fuel both onshore and offshore. The service starts from transporting fuel by truck to a port. So, we invest to buy a tanker for sea transport. This will be our new service, adding up to our service lines, and will increase the opportunity to attract new clients while also facilitating our present customers.” said Mr.Krit. He then states “This expansion will enhance local business and raise the standard of living of the people in Songkhla.

Mr.Krissanachai Yindeeyom, the Managing Director of KS Seaport Co., Ltd., says the investment of buying a tanker is a plan to add up our logistics, especially ship transportation for fuel through domestic waterways. The tanker is a service in response to the demand from our petroleum clients. It decreases the cost, giving us business advantages. Also, we can set a competitive price.

Mr.Krissanachai Yindeeyom says that for a 3-5 year plan, the company will invest 200 million baht to expand the fleet of tankers, which will be a medium size rather than the present small size.

“The investment in a tanker is a step showing the growth of our company to complete our service line. We will level up sea fuel transport to a digital system because we develop a digital system for marine logistics. Our clients will get the best benefits. We continually keep up with the changes of the world, though we are a small logistics company. In the future, we will develop into the Asian market to serve regional clients.”


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